What is Business Continuity Management System ISO 22301 ?

ISO 22301 is an internationally recognized standard that is designed to allow businesses to implement, maintain and improve a business continuity management system (BCMS). ISO 22301 standard helps you understand and prioritise threats to your organization. BCMS specifies the steps you need to take to reduce the threat of disruption, protect your assets if something does go wrong, and recover quickly from any incidents. It protects a business, revenue and reputation from any disruption. Now a days we are living in volatile times. Your organisation needs to be prepared for the worst, whether that’s floods, fires, cyber attacks or terrorism. This standard to keep going when disaster strikes. It helps create environment on best practice procedures for reducing the threat of disruption from activities inside within the organization. The standard is of particular interest to businesses looking to ensure their products and services can continue to be delivered at an acceptable capacity during a disruption.


Benefits of

Business Continuity Management System ISO 22301

  • Minimising disruption: To introduce best practice strategy of ’Plan, Do, Check, Act’, ISO and disruption and maintain.
  • Flexibility and responsiveness: It helps you deal quickly with any disruption, local or international, and rapidly restore services.
  • Accountability: To ensure smooth running business activities, stakeholders to know what level of service to expect following any disruption in process.
  • Competitive advantage: Organization will get international recognition an increase client confidence in your services.
  • Continuous improvement: To get regular audits and risk assessments, you’ll ensure it remains effective.
  • Regulatory compliance: To demonstrate compliance with risk management laws regulations and employees, customers and other stakeholders.
  • Save money: To reduce internal and external BCMS audit costs and insurance premiums and improve financial performance of organization.
  • Optimise customer services: To strengthen management controls, maintain agreed levels of critical services and products to customers in the disruption.
  • Stronger management: To identifying internal external risks and ensures the effectiveness of BCMS of organization.
  • Brand reputation: To enhance your reputation with customers.

Our expert consultants as per industry background can provide you with all guidance and advice you need to implement and get certified to ISO 22301. We provide training to your employees to understand the requirement and get acquainted with the standard. We also conduct GAP analysis which will help you understand and are the parts that are lagging in order to implement. Our consultant will assist you throughout the documentation period and help in improving the PDCA culture in  your organization. Post certification audit we also help you with the root cause analysis and taking corrective action for any raised nonconformities.