Organic Certification

Organic certification is done for regulating and facilitating the sale of organic products to the consumers.  For Organic certification organization is audited for a set of production standards for growing, storage, processing, packaging and shipping i.e. entire supply chain is audited from the raw material to the finished product.  Organic Certification is important for confirming that the products and services meet or does not meet all trusted external and internal national and international standards and for product credibility in the market.

Benefits of organic certification

Increase trust of consumers :  Customers trust products that have complied with the organic regulations and have been verified by a third party.

Increase brand awareness : With organic certification organization can access to local and international markets.

Increase revenue : Customers are far more likely to buy products that are organic due to potential health benefits which helps in increasing sales and increasing revenue.

Conserve environment: Research shows that organic farming practices help improve water quality on farms, conserve energy and increase biodiversity.

Our expert consultants as per product can provide you with all guidance and advice you need to implement and get certified to organic. We provide training to your employees to understand the requirement and get acquainted with the standard. We also conduct GAP analysis which will help you understand and are the parts that are lagging in order to implement. Our consultant will assist you throughout the documentation period and help in improving the organic agricultural practices. Post certification audit we also help you with the root cause analysis and taking corrective action for any raised nonconformities.