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ISO Certification

As you must know, the ISO 9000 series of standards is possibly the most popular generic international standard. More then 180 iso in nepalnations have already recognized the ISO 9000 standard. Many organizations have utilized ISO 9001 & ISO 9002 as a standard for creating their Quality Management Systems. Now a days ISO 9001:2008-QMS is quite popular in service and manufacturing sectors as well as generic Management System or a step journey of Total Quality Management System.


“The benefits resulting from ISO 9001 implementation are in terms of role clarity, systematic definition of processes, happier customer, global recognition & acceptance.”

Organization proceeds towards ISO 9001 certification through various stages such as:

• Performing a system study or gap analysis.
• Conducting ISO 9001 awareness workshops.
• Conducting process writing workshop.
• Defining of policies, standards and procedure.
• Signing-up with Certifying Agencies.
• Adequacy Review by the Certification agent.
• Implementing the Documented Requirements.
• Conducting Internal Auditors training.
• Performing Internal Audit.
• Conducting Pre-assessment activities to assess the preparedness for certification.
• Final Certification Audit by the Certifying Agent.
• Award of Certification.
Quality Management Services from Soft-Tech C.I. offers consultancy in each of the above steps individually, as well as comprehensively.

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