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PHP MySQL Training In Nepal

Web Development Training with PHP MySQL

: Web Developer  : 3 Months

Soft-Tech C.I Pvt. Ltd. is a best place for those who wants to learn web development or seeking web development training institution in Nepal. Our highly qualified teachers/designers provide web development training in professional way. PHP is used to develop Internet / Intranet Applications/Web Applications . MySQL a open source database server built based on  RDBMS & it is used for handling  database connection. 

For course detail click on below tabs:
  • Introduction
  • PHP Syntax
  • PHP Program(Basic)
  • Operators
  • Variable Manipulation
  • Formatting string for presentation
  • Formatting string for storage
  • Concat and compare string
  • if else conditions
  • switch statement
  • ? Operator
  • loops and breaks
  • functions
  • returning value from function
  • User-Defined functions
  • Dynamic function calls
  • variable scope
  • Accessing variables
  • Passing arguments to function
  • Array
  • Accessing array
  • Loops and array
  • Merge and sort elements of array
  • Form creation
  • Creating and setting cookies
  • Creating and setting sessions
  • Starting session
  • Session variable
  • Session ending
  • Creating database in MySQL Server
  • Connecting MySQL DB
  • CRUD Operations
  • Displaying returned data on web-pages
Upcoming Class
28 Oct 2022

13:00 PM-15:00 PM

06 Nov 2022

16:00 PM-17:30 PM

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