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Graphics Designing Training In Nepal

Freehand, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw

: Graphics Designer  : 3 Months

Soft-Tech C.I Pvt. Ltd. is a best place for those who wants to make their career in designing field. We provide graphics designing training to the interested person who wants to develop their skills and techniques to work as a professional graphics designer. We have qualified/experience teacher, well equipped lab and many more.

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  • apply unlimited stroke, fill and effects to your designs
  • change color, size, stroke, fill using the object panel very easily
  • see live effects of objects with altering the original object and apply different raster and vector based effects
  • get sufficient editable points in object to transform their shapes easily
  • using different tools from tool box.
  • apply extrude feature to get 3D effects and use lighting effects
  • Knowing the FreeHand Interface
  • Working with documents and drawing
  • knowing layers, symbols and styles
  • Using objects, stroke and fills tools
  • using color
  • applying special effects
  • Using type tool
  • Import artworks and its customization
  • Saving, Printing and Exporting documents in different formats
  • learn keyboard shortcuts
  • Exploring document properties to setup margin and page size
  • Exploring general preferences
  • Concept of Bleed and its use
  • Creating documents
  • Using rulers and guides in document
  • Using zoom tool to change the view
  • Deleting unnecessary pages
  • Moving pages within the document
  • Creating master pages
  • Multiple master pages concept
  • Applying master pages
  • Inserting page numbers
  • Inserting and importing text
  • Concept of paragraph spacing
  • Applying and removing hyphens
  • Changing case
  • Creating text styles
  • Applying text styles to paragraphs
  • Concept of placeholder
  • Flowing text across multiple frames
  • Inserting Drop Cap
  • Concept of text kerning, leading and tracking
  • Paragraph alignment and its distribution
  • Using eyedropper tool for color
  • Inserting graphics
  • Exploring text wrapping options
  • Inserting graphics within frames
  • Difference between frame and image resizing
  • Modifying corners
  • Inserting shapes and lines
  • Using selection and direct selection tool
  • Resizing and moving objects
  • Concept of Scaling and Rotation objects
  • Concept of Locking and unlocking objects
  • Applying different fills and strokes color
  • Exploring stroke variations
  • Applying shadow and feather options
  • Inserting table
  • customizing size and design
  • applying alternate row and column colors
  • creating header and footer in tables
  • adjusting table within a frame
  • Automatic spelling correction
  • Checking links to resources within the document
  • Checking hidden text within text frames
  • Designing Cover page with binding space
  • Understand different export options
  • Exporting document as PDF with high resolution for press
  • Exporting document as PDF with medium or low resolution for online
  • Concept of Package
  • Creating a Package
  • About Photoshop
  • Navigating Photoshop
  • Menus and panels
  • Opening new files
  • Opening existing files
  • Exploring the Toolbox
  • Creating & Viewing a New Document
  • Zooming & Panning an Image
  • Working with Multiple Images, Rulers, Guides & Grids
  • Undoing Steps with History
  • Adjusting Color with the New Adjustments Panel
  • The New Masks Panel & Vibrance Color Correction Command
  • Cropping & Straightening an Image
  • Adjusting Canvas Size & Canvas Rotation
  • Selecting with the Elliptical Marquee Tool
  • Using the Magic Wand & Free Transform Tool
  • Selecting with the Regular & Polygonal Lasso Tools
  • Combining Selections
  • Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool
  • Using the Quick Selection Tool & Refine Edge
  • Modifying Selections
  • Understanding the Background Layer
  • Creating, Selecting, Linking & Deleting Layers
  • Locking & Merging Layers
  • Copying Layers, Using Perspective & Layer Styles
  • Filling & Grouping Layers
  • Introduction to Blending Modes
  • Blending Modes, Opacity & Fill
  • Creating & Modifying Text
  • Using the Brush Tool
  • Working with Colors & Swatches
  • Creating & Using Gradients
  • Creating & Working with Brushes
  • Using the Pencil & Eraser Tools
  • Painting with Selections
  • The Red Eye Tool
  • The Clone Stamp Tool
  • The Patch Tool & the Healing Brush Tool
  • The Spot Healing Brush Tool
  • The Color Replacement Tool
  • The Toning & Focus Tools
  • Color Spaces & Color Modes
  • The Variations Command
  • Adjusting Levels
  • Quick Mask Options
  • Painting a Selection
  • Saving & Removing a Selection from the Background
  • Understanding Paths & the Pen Tool
  • Creating Straight & Curved Paths
  • Creating Combo Paths
  • Creating a Clipping Path
  • Getting Started with Photoshop Filters
  • Smart Filters
  • Creating Text Effects
  • Applying Gradients to Text
  • Saving with Different File Formats
  • Saving for Web & Devices
  • Printing Options
  • knowing the interface of Illustrator
  • using selection tools and learning group selection, lasso selection, magic wand selection
  • introduction to pen tool
  • use pen tool to add and remove anchor points, joining anchor points
  • concept of layers, grouping layers, selecting layers, duplicating layers, merging layers
  • using strokes, converting strokes size, dashed stroke, removing strokes
  • using text tool, vertical type tool, path type, area type tool
  • using font attributes and formatting paragraphs, transforming text
  • using shape object like rectangle tool, polygon tool, star tool, rounded rectangle tool
  • transforming a shape using different techniques like rotate, scale, reflect, twist, reshape, reposition
  • using different line tools
  • using clipping path and mask
  • applying color using color picker tool, color swatches, color palettes, Gradient Colors
  • learn the use of pencil tool, eraser tool
  • using brush tool, load and save brushes
  • concept of transparency and masking
  • Making pattern
  • learn envelope and its options, using mesh, text distortions
  • using guides and rulers while creating an illustration
  • using scissor tool and knife tool while designing an illustration
  • using pathfinder
  • learning the use of appearance and styles
  • use blend tool and learn blending multiple objects
  • display chart and graphs
  • knowing different image formats and learn how to save images for web
  • learn to use slice tool to generate images for web
  • using different symbol tools
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