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ETABS Training In Nepal

ETABS Training 

: Civil Engineers   : 15 Days

ETABS is a 3D software used by Civil Engineers that can design almost any kind of civil engineering structure. Soft-Tech C.I Pvt. Ltd. is  a best place for those who are seeking for ETABS training institution in Nepal. Our highly qualified teachers/engineers provide quality education/training in professional way. 

For course detail click on below tabs:
  1. Introduction to RCC Structure Modeling,Analysis,Design.
  2. Classes of building (CLASS A,CLASS B,CLASS C,CLASS D)
  3. Study of Various Design Code of RCC Structure.
  4. Introduction of ETAB
    • Overview of ETABS
    • Getting Help
    • Templates & Defaults
    • Graphical User Interface
    • ETABS Screen Menus
    • Unit System
    • Co-ordinate System
  5. Modeling of Residential & Commercial Building
    • Starting a Model
    • New model Quick Templates
    • Grid System Data
    • Add Structural Aspects
    • Edit Stories & Grid Systems
    • Add Grid at Selected Joints
    • Grid options
  6. Edit Properties
    • Duplicate
    • Extrude
      1. Extrude joints to frames
      2. Extrude frame to shells
    • Merge joints
    • Align Joints / Frames / Shells
    • Move Joints/Frames/Shells
    • Edit Frames
    • Edit Shells
    • Defining properties
  7. Defining properties
    • Material Properties,Sectionproperties,Loadpattern,Shell Uniform Load Sets
    • Load Cases
    • Load Combinations
  8. Structural Objects
    • Draw grids,Draw dimension lines,Draw joint objects,draw beam/column/brace objects,Draw floor /Wall Objects,Draw reference points,Draw reference planes,Draw stack walls.
  9. Selection properties
    • Select,Deselect,Inverse selection
  10. Assign
    • Joint,Frame,Shell,JointObjects,FrameLoads,Shell Loads
  11. Analysis
    • Residential &Commecial Building
    • RCC building with various structural components (Isolated footing,Column,Beam,Slab,Staricase)
  12. DesignDesign of  Various structural components
    • Extract and Design of Footing,Column,Beam,Slab,Staircase.
    • Excel sheet design for Typical Structural Components.
  13. Report Preparation : PROCEDURE(STEPS)


For Advance Course:-Duration : 3 Week

14. All Basic course

Modeling, Analysis,Design& Report of other Structural Components

  • Shear wall, Retaining wall:
  • Basic course of Steel Structure:
    • Steel Deck Slab system.
    • Steel truss structure system.

15. Structural Drawing Preparation from support of Report,code,MRT


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28 Oct 2022

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