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Advance Excel Training In Nepal

Advance Excel Training (Basic & Advance Excel)

: Data Analyst  : 20 Days

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful tools  for data analysis. This course is designed for managers, accountants, data analysts, operators, students and other professionals.  Soft-Tech C.I Pvt. Ltd. is  a best place for those who are seeking for advance excel training institution in Nepal. Our highly qualified teachers/data analysts experts  provide quality education/training in professional way. 

For course detail click on below tabs:
  1. Introduction
  2. About basic terminology – Preface
  3. Differentiation between Number and Text
  4. Keyboard shortcuts – Basic & advanced
  5. Formulas, uses of operation & order of operation
  6. Built in function like sum, average & ways of applying efficient formulas
  7. Other function like count, median, sumif, countif
  8. Cell reference – Relative & absolute cell reference
  9. Assumption tables
  10. Basics of style, number formatting & round function
  11. Basics of Charts
  12. Page setup
  13. Data formatting required for Data analysis
  14. Assumption tables – Worksheet reference & Workbook references
  15. Vlookup, Hlookup, Xloopup function – With examples
  16. index and match function with example
  17. 3D references
  18. Detailed sumif – Within worksheet & other worksheet reference
  19. Cell contents, comparative operations, AND, OR, IS, IF functions followed with further detailed examples
  20. Dates and Text function – Detailed review along with concatenate function
  21. Data – Importance of a proper format & types of Bad formats
  22. Excel Table – Basics, Nomenclature, Formatting, Styling, Designing
  23. Sorting – Basics, Multiple sorting, Color sorting, Directional sorting
  24. Filter – Basics, different types – Date, Text, Color, Custom, Copying filter Data
  25. Subtotal – Basics, Types, Single & Multiple Subtotaling
  26. Advanced filter – Basics, Detailed Explanation covering single criteria, Criteria – And/or, within worksheet & different workbook, Extraction of unique records, Data extraction using True/False functionalities
  27. Pivot Table – With multiple Illustrative Examples
  28. Conditional Formatting – Few Examples
  29. Scenario Analysis, Data Tables at different levels & examples & Goal Seek Function
  30. Importing Data from various external sources
  31. Order of Precedents, Average Function & Revision – Nature of Text & Number
  32. Errors : Types & Reason & Fixing Other Spreadsheet
  33. Custom Number & Data Formatting (CNF, CTF) with Illustrative Examples
  34. Detailed understanding about Round Function & Paste Special utility along with Freeze Panes
  35. Goalseek function
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1 Jan 2023

11:00 AM-12:30 PM

15 Jan 2023

10:00 AM-11:30 AM

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